Hand Carved Ilarun African Precision Parting Combs


These unique combs are distinct from the African culture in the art of hair braiding. No other parting comb compares to the most commonly utilized three tooth pick tool when achieving any of these braiding or protective hairstyles. 

Well known as the Ilarun among the Yoruba ethnic group, which means hair parting comb or hair cutting comb. This African parting comb is super effective and efficient in taking down any braided or protective style. Also, great for the use of braiding hair. All vegan and natural wood from the deep African forest.

Proudly constructed in the Mother Land of Africa. Best used when tips are sharpened.

Hand carved in Afrika.

Comes in a set of 3.


Customer Reviews

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I really had high hopes for these combs I really did. Feels like some wood will get stuck in someone's head.

African Precision Parting Combs

These combs are the best!

Hand Carved Ilarun African Precision Parting Combs

The hand Carved combs are not what I expected. They looked and felt like they were mechanically carved out of a very light plywood and two of them were identical in shape at the handle part. I really don't feel that they were hand Carved. They were coated with a thin varnish-like matetial and we're not smooth. I am afraid they would snag and break or pull my hair out. Just not the quality or authenticity I expected.

Braid gel.

I do not like the braid gel, it’s definitely too thick and not manageable. It’s also leaves instant buildup.

Parting Comb

I really like the parting comb. I especially loved that she kept me up to date every step of the way with my purchase. I was receiving text messages and emails about every stop my package made. I didn't even have to track it myself. The parting comb is Great. I don't have to go to Nigeria in order to get quality parting comb! Thanks!

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