Orí Roots® - Wonder Hair Cream


Orí Roots® Wonder Hair Cream assists in revitalizing the hair shaft while strengthening, nourishing and moisturizing the hair. A natural unisex formula made to prevent dryness, itchiness and excessive flakiness of the scalp.


How to use:

For the use of the scalp or beard. Apply a small amount and rub cream into the area of concern. Use daily for severe dryness and 2-3 times per week for mild dryness.



100% Natural Herbs, Coconut Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Shea Butter, Paraffin Oil, Honey, Perfume (Lemon), Paraffin Wax


Weight: 5.8 fl oz 180 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it!!

On my first use of this product I applied directly on my scalp since I have braids and instantly felt a relief from itchiness I’ve been experiencing. It also smells amazing! Excited to use more consistently


Love the way it makes my scalp feel!

Great product

My scalp has always been horrible this is the only products that I found that actually works. I haven’t had a flaky scalp since the first time I tried this! Amazing

The best feeling

Look! I have dandruff so bad I literally have to watch my hair every two days. If I pass two days, I am getting up at night itching my scalp. When I scratch my hair the flakes are falling out. I tried selsum blue, head and shoulders and everything they claim is good for dandruff...but look at Ori roots solving all my problems. I have not lift my hand to scratch one time yet thank you Jesus! The hype is real and it is true, this ori roots is the original. As it is close to finish I will order more. My scalp feels like cool mint...it just feels so good.

Wonder Hair Cream

I went to feminine attractions got some medium knotless braids in which I absolutely adored. I also purchased the wonder hair cream. You guys I suffered with dandruff for sooo long. I tried everything from shampoos, to tea tree oil. Nothing would work. I couldn't keep any hairstyles longer than a week. I have been using the wonder hair cream while having my knotless braids and I've used it twice since having the braids. I've had them in for about a month and a half now and I have not had any issues with my scalp. I am so grateful for feminine attractions. You guys go and purchase. You won't be let down, I promise!

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